Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Outing

Tonight we had our first outing as a family of five. We grabbed dinner at "Iowa's Best Burger Cafe" five-and-dime on the interstate, and continued north for a picnic at Rock Creek State park. They really are good burgers, even though the gas station looks rather sketchy.

We went into the hospital one week ago tonight to have Zachary. Tonight he was sleeping in this position in his car seat, which happens to be just what he looked like on the ultrasound before the C section. They called it "OP Tranverse," (sunny side up and sort of cross-ways) which is what caused my labor to stop progressing.

I love how Ezra's shirt is stuck in his Cars underwear.

Iowa is a beautiful place to live.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Three is the New Two!

After a long labor and C-section delivery, we welcomed Zachary Jon into our family on Wednesday evening! He arrived 10 days before his due date. It was wonderful to finally hold him after over 24 hours labor. I've missed my doctors and nurses in Grand Rapids, but have been very blessed by the doctors and nurses here. I was especially thankful for our surgeon who prepared me for the C-section and nurses who've cared for Zachary and I.

Three is the new two - Ezra and Elliot are excited about their new baby brother. I captured this video when Brian brought them to the hospital to meet the newest addition to our family.

Dr. Postma and a surgery nurse caring for Zachary after C-section.

Dr. Hellbusch helping Zachary with a little oxygen.
Grandpa Steve stopped by before midnight, shortly after he was born.

Elliot checks him out.

Me and my boys.

An attempt at our first family photo.

Zachary resting the next day. (I did too :)

Dad getting to spend some time with Zachary during a busy week preparing for a funeral and wedding.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zachary Jon

Zachary Jon Ochsner
July 21, 2010
10:22 p.m.
20 inches
8 pounds 6 ounces

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Puddle Jumping

There are a lot of great puddles in a church parking lot after it rains! Elliot was entertained by sitting in the stroller and watching.

I like the reflection in the water in the picture below.

Monday, July 19, 2010

30th Birthday and Open House

This past weekend we celebrated Brian's 30th birthday and held and open house for folks to tour the newly remodeled parsonage. Brian says he doesn't feel any older than when he was 29. It might be because a lot of people assume he is a lot older than he is. Some older lady friends told us they tried to think of any former pastors at Sully bringing home a baby to the parsonage, and as far as they could remember back - 80 years - they've never had a baby brought home to the house, so this was quite exciting.
Serving cake in the garage.

A line to walk through the house and get cake.
The nursery is ready! The antique blocks from great grandma Ochsner on the shelf spelled the name of the new little guy, but we re arranged and flipped them before the open house!

A unique mobile I made out of an old hanger, a basket handle, and crocheted chickens from a great aunt.

Brian and Ezra checking out his birthday morning surprise. Another picture is on the church's website, http://sullycrc.org/

An older friend brought him a delicious homemade breakfast.

Brian and the boys playing with the birthday balloons.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ezra "blue-eyes" & Elliot "Brown-eyes"

I got Ezra's two and a half year pics and Elliot's one-year pics taken today at Digital Galleria in Pella, IA. It is so tough to get little boys to cooperate for pictures. I was so impressed with her tricks to get them to sit still and smile.

It is enjoyable to watch how each child has their own personality and to try to figure out what features they received from one parent or the other. Lately Ezra has enjoyed pointing out that he has blue eyes, and Elliot has brown eyes. He says Mom and Dad just have black eyes, though.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lisa & Dewoinne's Wedding

We were blessed to be able to celebrate another sibbling's wedding last weekend in Chicago, the last of Brian's siblings to get married. We left the two boys home with a special aunt and uncle so that we were able to help with the wedding, and enjoy a weekend together before baby 3 arrives.

the Church
Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaid's Bouquets

Helping aunt Pam make corsages and bouquets (this is our second family wedding working together at these, so we are getting pretty good :)
artwork in the sanctuary

Brian's three sisters

the whole family that could make it

this little peanut was only 2 weeks old, and 5 pounds. I took a picture because she was cute, and because the baby in my tummy is nearly twice her size. (I have big babies. The doctor confirmed today she thought he felt like a 9-pounder already).

The couple's favorite team.

Decoration at the reception.

The favors that Brian and I made as our gift to Lisa and Dewoinne.
The electric slide. I didn't dance. It would have felt nice to take off my belly and join them, but it doesn't work that way.