Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

A few photos of our past week.

Me and Elizabeth Santorum, Rick Santorum's daughter, at the GOP debate last Saturday

The food at the VIP reception.

My view from the balcony of the candidates.

This is the monitor I used for the Luntz Global Forum.  I would have to turn it above 50 if I liked the response, and below 50 if I had a negative reaction.

The boys' thankful hats they made during our bible study sunday night with some very kind high school girls.
The Turkey Bowl group.  The youth group won this year!
Ezra and Renee drinking hot chocolate during the Turkey Bowl game.

Our thanksgiving meal.

And a photo to "keep it real."  I sometimes feel like I only post my BEST photos, creating an idea that we've always got things together.  Since I've moved my photography to a different site, I can post just normal pictures.  These are our dishes after the Thanksgiving meal, actually they are still sitting there and it is Friday afternoon.  I suppose I should get those cleaned up now.

And the board under the sink fell off.  Which actually has been quite handy because we now can throw our trash in the trash can without even opening the door.  This is probably a bad habit to start.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another way to save

Starting this week a lot of you will be doing some shopping for your family.  Since I've moved to Iowa, I've done a lot more online shopping when I can get free shipping.  I like using the internet to research a product, and love that something can be shipping to my door so I don't have to pack up three boys and pay the gas money to drive the 50 miles to DesMoines to purchase an item.

This is similar to TRIP, a program that has kickbacks for Christian Education is one way to save during the holidays.  But you have to pre purchase the gift cards.

EBATES, on the other hand, you don't have to pre purchase the gift card and still you get cash back. Though usually not as much as TRIP.

So Let's say I'm making a digital camera purchase, a purchase for about $200.  Generally, I make 5 percent cash back on that item, so $10 bucks. I also use it for Shutterfly, which is currently 8 percent back, and sometimes on clothing stores, like Eddie Bauer or Children's place.  I love the outlet mall for clothing, but with three kids I don't make it there a lot.

Here is the link to start an account:

I do get $5 if you sign up through the link above, but that isn't why I'm sharing this with you.  I want you to be a wise, smart shopper!  These days, there are a lot of hoops to jump through when trying to save.  I know this is another one.  But the wiser you are at shopping, the wiser you will be at making good purchases!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Montana Trip!

This past weekend Brian's close friend from NW Iowa was married in Northern Montana to Kristen from British Columbia (Canada).  We flew into Spokane, WA and drove thru Idaho into Montana, about a 2.5 hour trip.  The snow and mountains were beautiful.

A train ran along the road we drove.

We also did a work day as a group for the Christian camp in Northern Montana, a camp that is close the the hearts of the bride and groom.
The Large Redwoods.

The groom being himself.

The groom's sister is an amazing photographer, and I got to follow her around.  She is very inspiring, and gives all the credit for her creativity to God.

This horse needed attention.  She was trying her best to do what she could to show off.

A sister photographing her brother.

The bride and groom.

Two brother in laws being themselves while the bride freezes.

The beautiful bride.

The Kutenai falls, close to the camp.