Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spider Snacks by Dad

Spiders don't have blue eyes, but Ezra does.  Only heaven knows where they came from.

Spiders don't have brown eyes.  Elliot has brown eyes.  Mom gave him those.

Spiders have chocolate eyes.

Dad gave him those.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pictures

Easter weekend was full of activity: a Good Friday service, two services Sunday, Easter dinner and  sunny Sunday afternoon at Grandpa Steve and Grandma Jan's cabin with family. 

I love these little Levi's jeans and cowboy boots on Elliot.  The jeans were hand-me-downs from somewhere.

A bunch of first and second cousins fishing together. 

JD, a rather wild dog, taking in the scenery.  She's probably resting from trying to herd up the kids.

Three Boender girls fishing together, from three different families.  I remember an old time family rule (circa 1980s) used to be that we could go on four wheeler rides on Sundays, but not fishing.  Funny how each family had their own boundaries, and how they change as families change.

Unlce Mike keeping Elliot happy by taking him to see the tractors.  The sign says "Over sized Load" in the background, but it belongs in a different picture.  Elliot is just a little punk yet.

This is an over sized load.

A shot from Brian and I's ranger (an atv) ride together.  It was still pretty muddy out from all the rain.  It looks like we are in the middle of the crick because we are.

Sunday afternoon atv rides are one of my favorite traditions of living in the country. They can create a mess of a job for a gal's hair, especially if you have to look presentable for a Sunday evening service. Four wheeler ride on Sunday afternoon = pony tail.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Today I found Ezra organizing his chalk by color groups.   He was struggling with what to do with the brown one.  (top left).

I didn't know what to do with it either, so we just added it to the "reds."

On Saturday we made rainbow jello cups for Easter Sunday.  We talked about rainbows, and how they help us remember God's promises, after which Ezra broke out in "Standing on the Promises," since I've been practicing that song quite a bit for an event last weekend.  I didn't know he knew that song, but after having it set on "repeat" in the CD player, I suppose it started to grow on him too. 

I helped him organize the chalk into a rainbow after he had his color groups finished.  Where does the brown one go?

He doesn't get it anywhere strange.  I organize things by colors, like dishes, and clothes, and colored pencils.  I wish I could say it stops there, but unfortunately it doesn't. I like color, and I like organizing. 

I once tried to help organize my mom's sewing room by organizing the fabrics by color, but I ended up messing up all the projects she had laid out.  I wish I could say it was when I was twelve, but it was just a few months ago.

He was very proud of his work, after which he threw them in a bucket, and dumped them into the swimming pool.

He isn't allowed to have them back until they dry out.  Since it is raining outside, it might be awhile.

I love these new BOLD chalk colors by crayola!  But not in the pool.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

An attempt at a family picture...after the service...after cookies all over the kids' faces...after tucking in little shirts 5 bazillion times...

Friday, April 22, 2011


Sometimes it gets a little crazy around our house. I think Zachary may be an instigator.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

One Year

We celebrated one year of moving to the Sully community with the team that helped us transition here with an Itailian-style dinner that was a remake of the one we had a year ago.

It is neat to think of how many things have become home that were so new a year ago, and how many friendships have grown. A year ago the home shown below was new and scary to the boys, but this time they ran inside ready to see their friends and play. Sort of how we feel too.
And a few photos of our family, still healing from RSV. I didn't realize that RSV scars the breathing tubes, so that it's symptoms come and go, and only time and growing bigger helps.

And a few pictures of making baby food for Zachary. I don't mind the store bought stuff, and use some of it too. I made homemade baby food for Ezra by going to the farmer's market and bringing home fun new things to try, and also as a way to have food always ready as I was working almost full time. Now Ezra and Elliot are helping, fighting who get's to push the buttons on the blender.
Ezra spreading the sweet potato with some orange juice. Zachary's favorite is probably avocado-banana.