Friday, April 17, 2009


Ezra and I are spending the week in Iowa and are enjoying the great April weather. Spring planting has started, and so Ezra got to ride in the tractor. He's having a lot of fun playing with cousins and learning things that Iowa kids do. My three year old nephew John rode home with us from riding with his dad (my brother) in the tractor last night. He explained that he was going to get to come to my house in Michigan this summer, and had a lot of questions about my house and going swimming at the big lake. He asked where my brothers and sisters were and if they lived in Michigan. When I explained that his dad was my brother and he said, "no, really?" This was quite humorous to me, but also frustrating. Someday I will have to tell him about how mean his dad was.

Here are some pictures of our time so far...

Cousins Ethan, Amelia and John playing on the equipment during suppertime.

Uncle Mark and John checking the seed depth.

Ezra loves the kittens.

Getting muddy.Uncle Karl power washing off our boots before going inside for the night.