Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Everyday Moments

It is the last day of February, and I can't believe we have just about completed two months of 2013. Yesterday's snow fall was welcomed at our house - we didn't have any driving we had to do, and a friend who plows the church parking lot and our drive way was willing to build a snow hill between the church and the parsonage. After being nervous about the boys playing on the hill in the ditch right next to the road, I thought I should request a hill in a safer location, and it worked great.

We went outside to play three times, and had only one bloody nose from sledding (zach wrecked). Zach and I went to visit Brian in his office at church and I took a few pictures for the family archives. I know it is easy to forget the routine activities of a certain period of time, and rather than take only pictures of the big things (birthdays, vacations) I want to at least take a few of the everyday life things. So Brian's office was one this week, and the boys drawing/stickers in their toy room was another.

Then I wanted a picture of Brian outside with the boys, talking to a church member who stopped at church. This is something that happens a lot and is a part of our family routine too. Being an introvert (though I'm wondering if that is changing) he works hard to connect with whoever is around "the yard," and we have a lot of people around "the yard," at this point of life. It reminds me of seed corn customers or custom farming customers that would stop on my parent's farm yard when I was a child.

These "everyday life" moments are a part of our family, and will be fun to add to our family year book at the end of the year, and good for our kids to remember.

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